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One of the features of knowledge based development process in developed and developing countries is the emerging and growth of Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs). Hence, it is expected that the role of RTOs in the knowledge-based economy is becoming stronger and more significant. RTOs have been criticized for their weak performance and the most important factor for their ineffectiveness is related to poor management at the strategic level. Considering the rapid expansion of these organizations, this study has tried to explain the necessity of development of specific models for strategic research and technology management in RTOs by an analytical-qualitative approach. Regarding the nature of RTOs that is fully integrated with science and technology, the base of the competition in these organizations lies on providing integrated technology-based business solutions. Therefore, the discussion in the field of strategic research and technology management is integrated with the concepts of rapid technological change environment and consequently dynamic capabilities with the emphasis on technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, using the latest theories of strategic management with emphasis on dynamic capabilities (and evolutionary approach) to develop strategic management models for RTOs is proposed.


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