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In today's world, industries must keep pace with the technology changes and the requisite of this movement is to have an appropriate technology strategy. Choosing new business areas according to the capabilities of the industries is a very important decision which should be taken by macromanagement of firms. Thus, firm would gain necessary capabilities to produce new products and provide new services while maintaining its own capabilities. Indeed technology strategy is the use, development and maintaining the knowledge generality and the capabilities of the company. Although technology is considered as an important factor but it is not enough to ensure business success. Surely the successful business is integrating technology innovation with production, marketing, financial and human resources, in order to achieve determined goals of the company. The first and also the most important step in strategic management of technology is to compile a program that specifies the priorities of investment of the firm in technology area for a long-term horizon. Considering to antiquity of the National Steel Company and its technological mutation in recent years, in this study we have tried to specify the technology strategies of this company by using Hax and Majluf model.


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