Document Type : Research Paper


The present apprehensions about the exhaustibility and also environment pollutions resulted from fossil fuels, the price fluctuations and energy crises can be removed if the solar energy as one of the most important types of innovative and renewable energies is used as an alternative. Besides, the governments’ success and the countries’ development are due to utilize and attract today’s knowledge and technology in the era of knowledge-based economics. Thus, national strategies for a solar power plant construction which is one of the new and effective technologies in societies with sustainable development are compiled in this article considering SWOT pattern as a logical, objective and systematic method for great decision makings. After recognizing and classifying the economic, political, security and sovereignty, social and cultural, scientific and technical, and environmental effective factors, then the strength or weakness, and the opportunity or threats of each of them are studied.
Among the most important suggested strategies in different arenas are : the maximum capacity utilization of our universities and research centers in Iran, indigenization of the most equipment of the solar power plant, and service licensing to private sector.