Document Type : Research Paper



In today's world, EPC (Engineering, procurement, construction) is one of the types of common contracts, especially when the state sector decides to use the skill of the internal and external contractors in designing and constructing the infra structure projects. In this paper, first we proceed to study the types of EPC contracts and state their specifications; the required precision in selecting the appropriate EPC model is emphasized, because the type of the selected model has a great impact on the duties, the rate of risk and assigned responsibility of the both sides, the price offered by the contractors, and finally the rate of taskmaster supervision on contractors' performance. Second, for each model some criteria are defined which the taskmaster can give privilege to each criteria to select the suitable model considering his strategies and macro policies. Finally, based on the ranking of these criteria which have been done by the elites and experts, the best suitable model for solar power plant construction project in Iran is also suggested.