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Granting a license from the related organizations is the first step to develop and construct photovoltaic power plants. These licenses include the study of the technical and economic feasibility of power plant construction from renewable energy organization of Iran (SUNA), and the license of connecting to network from the Ministry of Power. The aim of this article is to study the technical feasibility of photovoltaic power plant construction with the capacity of 1.5 megawatt in Yazd city which would be worthwhile to present to SUNA in order to get the license. First, the regional conditions and the solar radiation energy of the power plant construction site are studied. Second, the suitable module and invertor are selected, and the technical studies of the power plant are done by using the Sunny Design software, confirmed by SUNA. In this study, by using the PVSyst software the optimum arrangement of the panels and minimizing the shadowing effect of them on each other are performed. The results gained in the considered region were the use of 3 invertors of 500 watts, two rows of vertical panels of 250 watts, with the rows separated of each other by 5.23 meters in order to obtain the optimum output power of the power plant. Finally, the report of the performed simulations by Sunny Design, and PVSyst softwares are presented too.