Document Type : Research Paper


Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy resource of the world, but the trend of technologies development of generating electricity from this source has been slow up to now. The specifications such as the possibility of utilization in vast areas of the earth points, compatibility with environment, productibility in the place of consumption, the supply possibility in remote areas, suitable lifetime and high reliability, the ease of installation and utilization, have led to the remarkable targeting of the countries in solar electricity and the increase of the noticeable leap possibility in the related industries and technologies.
The compilation of the national programs and priorities such as roadmap provision of solar electricity in the country are inevitable, considering the desired future of solar electricity in the world and the global investment growth in the field of development of production capacities and utilization of renewable energies. In this article considering the present requirements, first a brief of the theoretical base of the roadmap and the study results of the upper hand documents of renewable energies are stated. Second, the present status of the country solar electricity industry, solar electricity technologies, types of solar power plants, and the drivers are presented. Finally, while stating the future global scenarios of solar electricity and the future alternatives of this energy, the roadmap compilation process of the solar power plant and its different layers are suggested.