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Awareness of the states of each system and its processes is the first step for decision making and policy toward optimal management of that System .Any Decision and investment in an organization which is involved investment on the equipment, manpower and knowledge of the system, is also not excluded. The combination of organ factors of the organization which is known as technology, is in need of proper and planed management. This Management is not available without evaluating and having enough knowledge of the status and performance of technology, so it ultimately leads to lower output. Technology evaluating models assist the system in achieving appropriate management upon its technology component and finally acceptable output. This article, at first, introduces the concept of technology its components and evaluating of it and consequently analysis technology and its components in Tabriz Saypa engineering company by using of technology atlas model . and at the end , the results of this study and desined results by using of QSB software inclusive, technoware %55 ,humanware %64 ,infoware%40 ,orgaware %40 , by comparison with total country industrial that anyone inclusive, %58,%36,%31.2,%31.2 and TCC = %52 and at the end desined results and recommendations is provided.


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