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Knowledge as a source of competitive advantage has a strategic importance in knowledge intensive business services. Superior performance in a competitive environment can only be sustained through continuous innovation. Continuous innovation requires learning and an important element of organizational learning is "exploration" and "exploitation". Therefore, entrepreneurial organizations must have balance in exploration and exploitation activities. The main requirement for business environment with the rapid technological changes is a good balance of exploration and exploitation capabilities for opportunities. This paper discusses theoretical foundation of organizing exploration and exploitation activities within entrepreneurial organizations. Then, the different pattern which are used for the organizing exploration and exploitation activities in Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) have been reviewed and the preference causes for the concept of "ambidextrous organization” or “simultaneous ambidexterity" as a superior organizational solution in RTOs is described. Next, duties of each of the exploration and exploitation sections in RTOs have explain and the how to create balance and coordinate these activities described. At the end has been sum up by conclusion.


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