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Business Develoment Department, Technology Management Division, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry



Research and technology organizations are one of the organizations related to technology development activities that constitute the major part of public research institutions and centers in Iran. Given the spread of privatization to the field of research and technology in Iran and the inclusion of public research institutions and centers in the agenda of privatization, the purpose of this article is to critically review the privatization policy of research and technology organizations.
For this purpose, by examining the characteristics and historical evolution of research and technology organizations and explaining the business-oriented approach in these organizations, the challenges of privatization of research and technology organizations in Iran have been explained. Accordingly, regardless of whether the research and technology organizations are governmental or not, the business-oriented approach can be implemented in them, and privatization is not necessary to turn public research and technology organizations into an entrepreneurial and value-creating organization, and the idea that research and technology organizations can be driven towards financial autonomy (financial self- sufficiency) by forcing them to monetize from industry is a strategic mistake that has already been tried and tested in the world's leading countries and has not been successful. It is also a strategic mistake to consider the business-oriented approach to research and technology organizations as equivalent to forcing them to generate revenue. Another misconception in Iran is that if research and technology organizations are eliminated, technological startups or knowledge-based companies will be better and superior alternatives for them.


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