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Malek Ashtar University of Technology



The current research was conducted with the aim of using blockchain in human resource management of educational organizations. The statistical population of the research is 10 people who are experts in the field of human resources and know the basics of technology and blockchain and have a visible work experience.
The current research is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive in terms of data collection method. To collect data, qualitative methods of interviews with experts and content analysis were used, as well as a questionnaire tool for prioritizing factors using the Denap method. After reviewing the literature and interviewing related experts, nine main factors were identified in line with the applicability of blockchain in human resource management of educational organizations. Following the prioritization done in the studied university, it showed that one of the main reasons for using blockchain in human resources management is blockchain-based human resources records. As mentioned in the research literature, blockchain makes both the job seeker and the employer clearly consider the records and then make a choice. The results of the research showed that increasing efficiency and productivity (accurate decision-making - optimal services-...), reducing human resource management violations and errors, and maintaining and securing data based on blockchain have the greatest impact in the application of blockchain. China has in human resource management. On the other hand
Human resource records based on blockchain (trust-convenience-fast recovery-fast access-simultaneous access-accuracy-reliability-...), transparency and data integration in blockchain are the most effective factors.


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