Document Type : Research Paper


In this article, considering the customers' needs and the limitations ahead of producers, we are looking for the estimation of the relative importance of the product technical requirements in QFD matrix. Since the matrix considers only customers' needs in technical requirements then a technic, which proceeds to study both the needs and the limitations in designing the product, is followed. Hence, the DEA model which is a linear planning one is suggested. Firstly, the related literatures in the fields of QFD and DEA are studied, and after describing the integration process of the two models with each other the case study is considered. Secondly, the customers' needs and their relative importance, the limitations ahead of producers, and technical specifications of the tile and ceramic industry are paid attention to; also the relation between the needs and technical specifications from one hand, and the limitations ahead of producers and technical specifications from the other hand are estimated. Finally, we obtain the relative importance of technical requirements in the tile and ceramic industry by manufacturing DEA model with its limitations.