Document Type : Research Paper


According to the Iran's vision 1404, Research and Technology Organizations which have mission to perform research and development activities aimed at improving competitiveness by encouraging firms technological and innovative capabilities, are becoming one of the most important parts of our country's economy. Nowadays, RTOs have been criticized intensively because of unfulfilling their mission; meanwhile knowledge production have been highly increased and according to some reports reached to five times, but country's industries are face to several difficulties to procure their technological requirements and usually acquire it form industrialized countries. Hence effectiveness and competitiveness of RTOs is under hesitating, and it indicates that systematic analysis of competitiveness of RTOs according to a right and fit model is mandatory. In order to explaining competitiveness concept and effective factors on it, So many of scientists have developed several theories and modals, which introduce effective factors and categories them. These theories and models are so diverse but some of them are better fit to RTOs. Therefore in this paper some of the famous models of competitiveness which are probably better for explaining competitiveness of RTOs is described and analytically criticized.