Document Type : Research Paper


In today's world, foresight is widely received the acceptance, and in the world moving increasingly towards getting more complicated the different countries, regions, and companies pondering regularly, coherently and coordinately about a desired future. Foresight is an organized and goal-oriented process which causes the key players of science and technology arena to come together in order to illustrate a possible future and the ways getting to it. Foresight activities at different organizational, regional and national levels are performed in a country. Undoubtedly, performing foresight in each of these cases has important differences with the other one, but we should use the experiences of foresight in each level for the other ones to have a successful foresight in each of them. Foresight at organizational level is looking for illustrating the activity trend of a company in a short, middle, and long term future, and strengthening its competitive capabilities. Regional foresight is the application of regional methods in order to inform and direct the decisions taken at sub-national level. Foresight at national level accounted as the most important manifestation of foresight activities, and has allocated most of the related activities to itself up to now, is looking for illustrating the national perspective and forming the process of national policy and decision making.