Document Type : Research Paper


The Independent Research and Technology Organizations, established for technology development and commercialization, undertake the mission of technologically and innovatively support of the industries through the development and commercialization of the technology. One of the requirements for commercializing and marketing the developed technology is the know-how pricing. Know-how valuation and pricing are among the most difficult activities. Many of the technology developer and owner organizations have changed their minds about the scientific pricing because of the complexities related to technology and know-how. On the other hand, using the other creditable scientific methods for pricing has made these institutions to use them in order to gain more success in know-how commercialization. In this article, by using a hybrid approach, the know-how is first evaluated through a systematic model. Then, based on the computation of the technology development expenses and its combination with quantitative amount obtained from the performed evaluation, the pricing is done. This method is based on the experiences and the innovation of the experts in this field and is developed based on the logic of the theory taken from the data. Finally, the model is applied for a case study, and for its credit assessment the pricing of a few know-how already sold, is used.