Document Type : Research Paper


In today's world full of changes, technology has become to be the countries' only competitive weapon. Nowadays, the organizations use the technology changes as a tool for making their business opportunities. So, making technologic changes or following them effectively requires compiled strategies to create the unity of policy and to integrate the inner organization efforts. But the concept of technology strategy compilation in most technical texts is quoted to some extent of complexity and ambiguity which makes the use of the presented patterns and models difficult. For example, in Hax-Majluf model, it is not specified how the technology strategic units can be determined if the organization under consideration is a service one; and generally, this defect, namely the ambiguity in dealing with service organizations, can be observed in most of the presented models for compiling the technology strategy. On this basis, in this article it is tried to suggest a concrete pattern based on indigenous realities of the country by combining the present views in such a way that have neither definition complexities of strategic technical units nor the problem of considering the present strategies. Finally, in order to clarify more the subject, the technology strategy compilation for a service organization is mentioned in the form of a case stud