Document Type : Research Paper


The research and technology organizations have the mission of developing and commercializing technology in order to introduce to the market. Among the very difficult steps of technology development process is its commercialization, and many of the aforesaid organizations confront difficulty in performing it. The complexity and, the special and different nature of each of the technologies have made its commercialization process design and the related considerations with many difficulties. The problem is doubled when there is lack of integration among the components of commercialization processes, and the in coordination of commercialization method with the strategies of the above mentioned organizations. In this article, it is tried to explain the commercialization process of the production technology of chemical products with emphasis on the features of RIPI by presenting a framework. In order to solve the presented problems, this model is taken from the literature, developed based on the experiences and the necessary elements are added to. To test its credibility, after designing the model it was used for a few technologies in the RIPI and its deficiencies recognized and removed. Here, a case study is shown as a sample for technology commercialization of one of the chemical products in RIPI based on the mentioned framework; and finally the results of performing the model are explained.