Document Type : Research Paper


Expecting the future of the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, the problem of electrical energy distribution and specially its management for all kinds of the present upstream and downstream industries in the zone may face serious challenges. Many of the problems related to distribution may be resolved economically and technically by using the new technologies in distribution automation systems as one of the main tools in solving such problem. By offering some solutions the problems of electrical energy distribution occurred in the South Pars Zone can be prevented happen in the North Pars Zone. In addition, using such technologies is an effective step towards supplying electronic city infrastructures. The aims such as power loss reduction, higher sale of the undistributed energy, reduction of workforce expenses, identification of unauthorized electricity consumers, quick detection of fault location, and remote monitoring are pursued by automation designs. Besides the technical privileges, the implementation of this system has economic benefits depending on the correct selection of performance function and its components based on the technical and economic criteria of the distribution network under examination. In this paper, we discuss the current situation of the electrical distribution automation system of this special zone, and then we provide some solutions for solving the current problems. In this article, we proceed to evaluate precisely the state of the electrical distribution automation system of the special zone as the heart of the distribution system, and finally by presenting some solutions we pay attention to the present problems