Document Type : Research Paper


The present material welfare and comfort of mankind is indebted to engineering activities. It is hard to make a clear boundary between interrelated engineering and technology categories. It can be claimed that an engineer's duty is nothing except a technological one in macro perspective view, though all the technological duties are not engineering by nature. To pay attention to the twenty-year perspective planning of the system and the new Islamic civilization horizon which are the bases of macro-planning of all the country sectors, indicates the importance of the engineers' role in realization of this ideal. As Iran should stand to gain the highest position in science and technology in the region, undoubtedly the main responsibility is upon experts' shoulders especially engineers. Generally, an engineer can make a key relation between theories and practical application. He should have, in addition to theoretical knowledge, a constructive and creative thought. Also, while having the skill in achieving the applied and reasonable results, he should be able to lead the group in getting to the goal. What is expected from an engineer is much beyond knowing the collection of fundamental knowledge and new technologies. The general pattern of engineering education system should be in the direction of making a collection of competencies whose content will be brought up in later sections. Although, it is impossible to get to the all mentioned competencies, but at least an especial attention in this area should be paid to the collection of common competencies of the creditable institutions and organizations. In the meanwhile, the prerequisite of many competencies should be prepared in school education period or even before that.