Document Type : Research Paper


In today's world where information is considered as one of the main sources of development, the ability to produce and the speed of the access to the information are sources of power, and they are the most important indices of being developed. As an organized, classified, and hierarchical list of a special subject, directory is a place for secure reserving of information with the help of a flexible inquiry mechanism which prepares the access to the data and information more easily, with better quality and security. Directories are effective in facilitating the government decision making and they realize the mulli-disciplinary decision making by classification and ranking of the different elements, variables and components related to an area of decision making. The most general areas of directories are: public area, business, industry and innovation. In this article, by introducing briefly the professional role of the directories in industrial policy making, mentioning the types, indices, and ranking methods, it is tried to show that a directory is not a simple reservoir of data and public information but a tool for determining the policy priorities, the manner of the sources allocation, and the optimum management of the public affairs.