Document Type : Research Paper


Membrane technology for the separation of mixtures has gained a considerable attention during the last two decades. It also has a number of applications in industrial and medical realms including gas separation, water desalination, ultra pure water, wastewater reclamation, food and medical application realms. However, selecting the proper one for our country to execute is a challenging decision and the best selection depends on many criteria and attributes. The aim of this research is to determine and discuss membrane application realms available as well as some of the important and essential criteria influencing the decision including logistic, economic, strategic, and technical factors each with some associated sub-criteria. For this reason, multi-criteria decision-making approach is presented to effectively evaluate membrane application realms. We therefore use a number of academic and collegiate experts along with some experienced managers in both the private and governmental organizations to cope with the problem. The analysis of the results obtained in the evaluation process verifies that water desalination has the most priority among others for our country to execute.