Document Type : Research Paper


During the history, technology has had a profound effect on civilization, cultural and economic development. Contemplating the history of Iran shows the influence of science and technology alongside the other factors on its destiny. Based on the documents and the researches done before and after the Islamic revolution, this paper tries to present an analysis of the past situation of important factors influencing technology development. Primarily, the bases and the framework of evaluating the technology development process are studied, followed by the discussion of the government effective policies in both supply and demand areas. After presenting a conceptual model, the paper then proceeds to evaluate the government incentive policies in different periods before the revolution. Meanwhile, the latter policies are scrutinized in industrial and economic areas by presenting the statistics. Then, the trend of the economic, industrial and technological changes after the revolution along with the effects, incentive policies, and also the structures design and the capabilities formation in industrial and technological areas at the national level are addressed. Finally, the effective factors on technology development in the recent decade are discussed.