Document Type : Research Paper


The technology, after the outbreak of industrial revolution and the far-reaching changes of twentieth century, entered the human life rapidly and changed it substantially. The human utilized different technologies day by day with a motive of achieving more welfare and security, and after a while the technocracy was considered in human societies; in such a way that tools found key role in his life little by little. Human expectations in all fields were gradually answered by technology, thus technology (technology exclusiveness) found its way out. At this time, technology removed the tradition and culture from human lives unnoticeably and replaced all key words of their lives by the definition as it prefers. Therefore, it leads to the point where technology took over the role of God, and the human was caught in that trap completely. Subsequently, all aspects of human life such as culture, environment, employment, economy and any other imaginable areas were influenced deeply by technology, about which we interpret it as a "technology trap" which is the subject of the present article. To face this far-reaching development and not to be caught in this sparkling trap, there are some methods, for sure. Accepting any technology is not necessary, but the very determining factor is the spiritual nature and believes of the society into which the technology enters. By removing the unsuitable aspects of the new technologies, any society can use them based on its valuable cultural, historical and religious backgrounds. In this article, having presented the technology definitions, the dominant conditions of today's world in facing the widespread phenomena of technology are studied. Finally, in order to prevent from being surprised and the consequences arising from unquestioning acceptance of different technologies, some methods for evaluating and foreseeing the technology are presented. Therefore, utilizing the technology in architecture can be done suitably and selectively in any society.