Document Type : Research Paper


Nowadays, technology is considered as one of the most important factors of economic and industrial development of the countries undoubtedly. In facilitating the transfer and exchange of the technology in local, national, regional, and international levels, various methods are used in different parts of the world. As a center and reference of technology exchanges, the initiation of market technology is accounted as one of the advanced and new mechanism towards the mentioned object. In Iran, there is no cohesive and intentional discipline and structure in technology exchange and transfer; this brings about many problems for technology suppliers (including elites, universities, R&D centers,…) and technology demand ant (such as governments, various industries specially small and medium enterprises, investors and,..). In this article, having studied the discussion of the technology exchanges discussion and presented briefly some market technologies in Europe and Asia, a market technology pattern is proposed in national level for Iran by using field study and interviewing with market technology experts and the related areas (such as technology rights, technology evaluation and marketing, professional backgrounds of technology, supporting funds And, etc…). This article, in fact, presents and describes the mission and objects of the different sectors, ownership, internal process and market technology communications, and also the prerequisites of initiating market technology in national level in Iran. Needless to say, using the other countries experiences and paying attention to prerequisites and primary infrastructures will help those in charge of planning, more suitably and comprehensively