Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty Member, Institute for Science and Technology Studies, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


The transportation system, as one of the forms of socio-technical systems, has disadvantages such as dependence on fossil fuels, which technologies such as electric vehicles are able to respond to. According to the requirements for the application of this technology, the aim of the research is to identify the factors affecting the development of the transportation system based on electric vehicles in Iran using the framework of the socio-technical transportation system and to examine the relationships between these factors. The statistical community includes industry experts, university professors and policy makers in the field of electric vehicle in Iran and the statistical sample includes 15 of them. First, effective factors were identified by using literature review and 8 semi-structured interviews during 2022, and by using fuzzy Delphi questionnaire, the relevance of factors was calculated. Then, by distributing the Dematel fuzzy questionnaire among 15 experts, the relationship and importance of the factors were analyzed. Based on the findings, establishment of support incentives, the formulation of national plans, coordination between stakeholders, regulation, the domestic producers and suppliers, the needs of the user community, the market structure and the socio-cognitive characteristics of the user community are respectively the most influential components of this system. Therefore, paying attention to these important and influential components will be helpful in moving from the conventional transportation system to a system based on electric vehicles.


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