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Research Paper Assessment of technological capabilities in whole or in case nationally, firms and corporations
Assessing the technological capabilities in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Organization and prioritizing them with analytical network process (ANP) technique in order to propose the improved solutions

Abbas Khamse; mohmmad reza ramezani farani

Volume 16, Issue 32 , July 2018, Pages 5-16

  The aim of this research is to assess technological capabilities in IRIB Organization, and to prioritize them with analytical network process (ANP) in order to propose the improved solutions. This article is a descriptive- survey and applied research, and the experts of the organization in the field ...  Read More

Research Paper Quality Function Development
The effect of environmental regulation and costumer pressure on the green innovation performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (Case study: Mahdasht industrial town)

hamid azizmohammadlou; Sepide Mohamad nejad

Volume 16, Issue 32 , July 2018, Pages 17-28

  Legislation of environmental regulation together with growth in awareness and sensitivity of costumers with respect to environment has made the organizations to implement green innovations in products, processes and management systems. This causes better performance and a step towards keeping environment ...  Read More

Research Paper Innovation Development
Demand-side innovation policies (Nature, instruments, policy rationales, challenges and the implementation trend)
Volume 16, Issue 32 , July 2018, Pages 29-38

  Governments’ intervention on enhancement of innovation through innovation policy making may be made in developed countries to maintain competitiveness but in developing countries like Iran, could be for the aim of catching up promotion at national level. So, for our country applying right and effective ...  Read More

Research Paper
Proposed A Model for Management of Technological Risks in New Product Development with the approaches to the TRIZ

Abolfazl Mirza Ramazani; Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi; Seyed Mohammad Massoud naserian

Volume 16, Issue 32 , July 2018, Pages 39-56

  Developing a new product is a process through which a new product or service is being offered to customers. Considering the fact that the product life cycle is becoming shorter and fast developments that happen in technology, coming up with new and novel products become a matter of paramount importance. ...  Read More

Research Paper Knowledge Management
Volume 16, Issue 32 , July 2018, Pages 57-72

  Given the importance of knowledge management in the construction industry, the present study aims to identify factors affecting the implementation of knowledge management in project-based organizations. In this regard, seven criteria including organizational structure, corporate culture, strategy and ...  Read More

Research Paper Innovation
The impact of open innovation on company innovative performance with the emphasis on moderating role of market turbulence (Case study: small and medium- sized manufacturing companies in Semnan city)

zahra Ahmadi; Mohsen shafiei; younos vakil

Volume 16, Issue 32 , July 2018, Pages 73-92

  The present research is applied in terms of purpose, qualitative in terms of variable, cross sectional in terms of time, and descriptive-survey and correlation- causal in terms of type. The statistical population consists of all the managers and experts of small and medium- sized manufacturing companies ...  Read More